Weekend Open Thread and Links

Weekend Open Thread and Links

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I meant to post this on Friday and got distracted, but who’s paying close attention to days of the week anymore anyway, right? Hope you all are having a restful weekend. We’re looking forward to a snow storm tonight and throughout tomorrow and hope that motivates the kids to bundle up and get outside (it’s sooo hard to get them out these days). Enjoy your Sunday! Or whatever day of the week it is.

Turns out global pandemics aren’t an aphrodisiac: There’s No Coronavirus Baby Boom — It’s More Like a Baby Bust

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Parents who are teleworking are also having a harder time getting their work done without interruptions: Half of parents who are working from home all or most of the time say it has been somewhat or very difficult.

It is a particular challenge for teleworking parents with children under 18 at home and who have child care duties while working from home. About six-in-ten of these parents (63%) say it’s been difficult for them to get their work done without interruptions since the pandemic started. This compares with only 24% of teleworking parents who don’t have much or any child care duties while working.

— Ya don’t say! A rising share of working parents in the U.S. say it’s been difficult to handle child care during the pandemic

The Pandemic is Hard Enough. For Some, Being Single Has Made it Harder.

What I Learned About Love When I Stopped Being Honest

What do you think about giving up booze as an act of resistance against the patriarchy? A new movie explores this idea: ‘Promising Young Woman,’ Covid and the women giving up alcohol to fight the patriarchy

“The small joys of running into an old co-worker or chatting with the bartender at your local might not be the first thing you think of when imagining the value of friendship—images of more intentional celebrations and comforts, such as birthday parties and movie nights, might come to mind more easily. But Rawlins says that both kinds of interactions meet our fundamental desire to be known and perceived, to have our own humanity reflected back at us. “A culture is only human to the extent that its members confirm each other,” he said, paraphrasing the philosopher Martin Buber. “The people that we see in any number of everyday activities that we say, Hey, how you doing? That’s an affirmation of each other, and this is a comprehensive part of our world that I think has been stopped, to a great extent, in its tracks.”

The Pandemic Has Erased Entire Categories of Friendships

I know nothing about this movie, In and of Itself, except that I’ve seen three social media posts this morning that all said the exact same thing: “Stop what you are doing and watch this, now.” So, I guess that’s what’s I’m doing today.