Rediscover Your Sexual Self…Sober

Rediscover Your Sexual Self…Sober

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Sexologist Stacie Ysidro shared wonderful tips on how to rediscover your sexual self…sober. Listen to this episode!

Stacie Ysidro helps you rediscover your sexual self…sober. She helps clients create a sexually satisfying life. Her personal story of mastering life transitions, recovery and understanding how to live sober and navigate intimacy and connection, has given her a unique approach to transforming her client’s lives. Stacie is acknowledged as a sex coach by the World Association of Sex Coaches. She is also certified by Jaiya, a world renowned sexologist, as an Erotic Blueprint™ Coach.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

– The benefits of sober sex

– Why people use substances during sex

– Tips for having ‘conscious sex’

– A powerful exercise to identify what you want and need

– How erotic blueprints help you have a better sex life

Rediscover Your Sexual Self…Sober

Why are you so passionate about helping people have sober sex?

I never wanted to feel my feelings. I avoided pain and was seeking pleasure. I used substances to avoid inhibitions and anxiety. It created more disconnection. I want others to know you can step into your full being.

What tips do you have for people to help them rediscover their sexual self?

We need to listen to the stories we’re telling ourselves. What’s the difference between reality and the stories we tell ourselves? We can get to the core of where we need to be.

A big story people tell: They didn’t answer my text. Must mean they don’t like me. Reality: They might be busy.

Stop taking responsibility for other people’s feelings. 

Acknowledge your fears. Maybe you think you can’t have what you want or don’t deserve it. What you really want is acceptance and love. Feel into the fear. Does it not have anything to do with you?

Get into the body sensations of your feelings. It will often show up as a different feeling than you thought it was. Use breath, movement, sound, journaling. 

How do you identify what you want and need sexually?

Feel your yes and your no in your body. Get comfortable and start thinking about something that’s unacceptable to you. This is your absolute no. Notice what happens in your body. Breathe and shake it out.

Now, do it with something you love…a yes. Notice where you feel it in your body. You’ll start to feel when your body knows what’s true for you.

How do erotic blueprints help people on this journey?

I use the blueprints to help people step into pleasure and get into their bodies. It’s similar to the five love languages. There’s an embodiment piece. It helps people identify what they want so they can communicate needs with one another.

Sexual compatibility is a myth. Identify your erotic blueprint. We’re fed a blueprint through the media and porn that’s about nudity, sexaul contact, penetration, and you’re done. The erotic blueprints give you ways to explore those other ways to be sexual outside of penetration. 

What’s your final message to people who want to go on their last first date?

Everyone deserves to experience love and acceptance. I believe that for you. All of you is welcomed. 

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