What to Do When He Won’t Stop Texting

What to Do When He Won’t Stop Texting

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won't stop textingwon't stop texting

You met him online. The connection is growing…and he won’t stop texting. Here’s how to get him to call you and ask you out!

What do you do when a guy doesn’t call, doesn’t ask you out, but he keeps on texting? Whether it’s before you meet or even after a first date, it’s frustrating! In this video, I share four tips on what to do when a guy won’t stop texting.

Four Steps for When He Won’t Stop Texting…

1. Get curious. It’s easy to make up stories and judge him for not calling. Take a breath and get centered. Realize you don’t know why he’s not calling. Be open to finding out if he will step up.

2. Ask for what you want. If you don’t ask, you don’t receive. Tell him something like, “I’m really enjoying chatting with you. I’m a little old school and find it easier to get to know someone the old fashioned way…by hearing your voice. Let me know if you’d like to take this to a phone call or video chat.”  Or  you can be a little more bold and say, “If you ask me out, I’ll say yes ;)” 

3. Encourage him to ask you out. If you’ve already gone out with him, and he’s moved into the text zone. Encourage him to pick up the phone and ask you out again. “I noticed the Italian restaurant on Main Street just opened up indoor seating again. I am craving eggplant Parmesan…(Hint, hint)” 

4. Be a little cheeky. If he goes back to texting, you can try one more text before moving on to someone who makes more of an effort. Send this text (via Matthew Hussey) “I’ve noticed something about you… You looooove texting! I’m not even convinced you’re a real person anymore :)”

If none of these empowered moves make him step up, it’s time to move on.

Have you ever been stuck in texting hell? Please share your experience, and let me know if these tips are helpful.

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